Seeking Delight Everyday

The Delightful Church Project is a collaboration of congregations committed to seeking out delight daily in order to cultivate a spirituality of awareness that can embrace delight and joy in difficult circumstances.

We seek to nurture our attentiveness for the delightful as we connect with others across the United States to combat social isolation. There is no better time than now to cultivate a collective and individual practice of delight for the formation of a different kind of spirituality.

Meet the Congregations

First Baptist Church in America

Gathered in 1638 by Roger Williams, this congregation was the first in the burgeoning, young country founded upon the historic Baptist principles. Located in Providence, Rhode Island in a meetinghouse built in 1774, this congregation prides itself in building on Williams’ legacy of ‘soul liberty’ and hospitality.

First Baptist Church of Philadelphia

Founded in 1698, this historic congregation ministers in downtown Philadelphia in hopes of creating the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Through worship and missions, this congregation serves its community in a long tradition of Baptists.

First Baptist Church of Austin

A radically inclusive congregation in the heart of the Texas capitol, this congregation was formed in 1847. Today, this congregation is a beacon for justice among Baptists in Texas.

Providence Church

Founded as a congregation rooted in the Baptist tradition, this congregation is an open, vibrant, and inclusive family of faith located in Charleston, South Carolina.

First Baptist Church of Savannah

Founded in 1800, this congregation prides itself on hospitality in the Hostess City. With pride in its Baptist heritage, FBC of Savannah proclaims that the Gospel is one of inclusion, affirmation, and welcome.